About Our Salon

If you can't already tell, we are inspired by the ambience and overall relaxation of a spa. We've gotten a lot of our ideas from human spa's, with the earthy tones and peaceful aroma. This is because we are determined to change how pets view the grooming process. When we (humans) take a trip to the salon parlor, we get to experience what its like to unwind and relax from our day to day activities. A spa day is purposed for us to take care of our selves and RELAX!

When we think of a spa, the first things that come to our minds are - soft sounds, relaxing climate, massages, hot oil treatments, positive energy, and aromatherapy. Our purpose at XI Pet Parlor is to provide the same fun and relaxing experience for your pets. If never properly introduced to grooming, dogs especially, can view the process as scary and unsettling. They can get really anxious and fearful causing them to react in a way humans view negative. XI Pet Parlor is here to change that. 

With the owner and salon being Fear Free Certified and having studied 10+ years, we have what it takes to handle fearful pets and help reduce anxiety and stress. We are well equipped to provide a more relaxing experience.  At XI Pet Parlor, we make a forever commitment to you and your pet(s), that we will do everything we can to help decrease fear and anxiety in the grooming salon. We make it our mission to earn the trust of your pets and show nothing but patience and love.

Our Team

Get to know the people making your pet look and feel spectacular!


Owner & Lead Stylist

Fear Free & Pet CPR Certified

Hi friend, my name is Iesha and I am the owner and founder of XI Pet Parlor. I am a Baltimore native, born and raised and I have been in the pet industry for 13 years and have been a certified pet stylist for 10 years. Although I've been studying about dogs for many years, I still believe in the power of knowledge and I dedicate my self to forever learning and growing in my field. I am Fear Free and Pet CPR Certified.


Animals have always had a special place in my heart and each day I get to work along side of them, is a blessing. I take pride in treating every furry friend I meet like family. I give lots of hugs and kisses, and I am patient and understanding towards the pets that need a little extra TLC. I make it a purpose to bond with my 4 legged friends to build trust and provide the most relaxing, fun and stress-free experience possible.


I specialize in curly coated dogs such as Doodles, Doodles, and Bichon's, as well as Maltese's, Yorkie's, and German Shepherds and more! If you'd like your pet to be groom in a breed standard trim, I am more than happy to meet their need and yours. 

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